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Laptop Reconditioning

Your company has just hired your competitor’s top superstar. Warning! Nothing is more demoralizing to a new hire than starting a new job and being issued a laptop “used” by a predecessor.

BlueResolve freshens up a used machine for your new hire. Old Word documents, emails, music files, and photos are deleted. Superfluous programs such as photo and music downloading software are uninstalled.

If the computer is really sluggish or badly infected with adware or viruses there is a last resort. Your laptop can actually start over to the original state it was in when your company first purchased and unpacked the PC from the box.

The recovery CD that comes with your computer is run. This wipes the hard drive clean and reinstalls the Windows operating system and manufacturer’s software (apple computers come with similar utilities)

We manually reinstall all the software you’ve purchased using the original CDs. Updates, security patches, and Service Packs are installed also. If the computer is more than a year old, security upgrades from a CD is safer before your computer is connected to the Internet.

If your company wants to reduce this hassle the next time around, now is a good time to take a snapshot of the computers software and data your employees need to do their jobs.

Norton’s Ghost will either create an exact copy of the newly fresh ended PC’s hard drive on a DVD or series of CD’s. With your newly recycled PC your superstar is well on their way to ringing your company's cash register!


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