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Wireless Home Networks

One of the biggest benefits of having a home network is that two or more users can share programs and access the same data files. Small businesses can also share the same peripheral devices- fax, printer, or scanner.

Even if you’re home office only has two computers, efficiency of operations will greatly increase if those machines are networked. LANs (local area networks) can also be connected to your Internet service (cable, DSL or satellite) giving several computers access simultaneously.


Your wireless home network will be set-up and ready to go in an hour! Your company will use the most reliable networking equipment on the market today to save you downtime.

Sharing Devices

One of the biggest benefits of building a wireless local-area network for your business is that you can share a printer, fax, or scanner amongst several different PCs on the network, saving you time and money.

Sharing Internet Access

If you have a broadband Internet service (cable, DSL or satellite) you will want to share that service with the other computers on your network to save your company money from redundant Internet billing fees.


Your company’s network will be equipped with the proper network security tools to ensure that your company’s sensitive data stays safe from dangerous computer hackers. Your company’s data is crucial to your business and is taken very seriously.


When your computer network goes down your business will promptly receive readily available “crisis” troubleshooting to get your systems up and running.


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